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In Home Personal Training Business

Which is better an in home personal training business or in the gym model? This is a very common question for fitness professionals who want to start a fitness training business. Most pros’ don’t have clarity on which is best; thus, holding them back from taking decisive action. I have effectively done both for many years, and can shed […]

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Be Motivating In Your Personal Training Business

So you have a new personal training business client.  Now what?  Your goal is to keep them coming back for more so they see results, and then tell their friends. It is that simple!  Yes, you must motivate, influence, and inspire the new client enough so they come back for more.  It is sometimes easier said than done. […]

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Personal Training Business

Just about every personal training business owner has it all wrong!  Unfortunately, it is not the fitness professionals fault. They were not taught the correct way to profit in a fitness business. The important income generating concepts rarely reach the ears of young personal trainers. The result – average to below average income leading to frustration, […]

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